White Rhino Review

More and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes not only to help them give up smoking but also to feel healthier and save money. Since the smoking ban was brought in those who gain comfort from having a cigarette can still do so legally with an e cigarette.

White Rhino is a leader in the field of products specifically designed for smoking herbs and all of their products are perfectly legal and safe. None of the White Rhino e-cigarettes contain any tobacco at all.


What are some of the products White Rhino carries?

  • Vaporizers
  • e juice
  • electronic cigarettes

So why choose White Rhino? Not only are they one of the best manufacturers of White Rhino electronic cigarettes, the following White Rhino vape review will show you why making a purchase from them is one of the wisest moves you can make.

If you are new to the company and have no idea which White Rhino vaporizer to choose they actually help their customers select the one that is right for them.


When you look for a White Rhino vape you will find there are three different symbols

  • Waxy oils
  • Dry herbs
  • Liquid


Each Rhino vaporizer is designed for the specific purpose of matching the symbols

  1. Waxy vaporizers are best for concentrates and waxy oils
  2. Dry herb vaporizers are the perfect choice for lavender, sage and thyme
  3. Liquid vaporizers are ideally suited for White Rhino liquid e juice


The White Rhino liquid blister pack is very good for e juices as there is a choice of ten different colors and each one holds approximately 1.6 ml of e liquid.

There is a five click locking feature which means it cannot come on in your pocket when you are not using your vaporizer and it will automatically shut off after ten seconds of use.

If you are new to White Rhino liquid e juice they have a starter kit which gives you one liquid battery MAH 650 and one USB charger, the charge time being two to three hours.


What is White Rhino Liquid?

E liquid might be unfamiliar to newcomers to White Rhino electronic cigarettes but it is the flavoured liquid that is used in your vaporizer. White Rhino liquid contains natural nicotine-free herbal flavors and many beginners may think it is easier to buy refill cartridges already filled with the e liquid.

But this is false economy because it is better and cheaper to buy your White Rhino liquid by the bottle. White Rhino mix their e liquid under laboratory conditions using the strictest quality control which is why they are the best company to get all your e cigarette smoking needs from.


Benefits of Smoking White Rhino electronic cigarettes

More and more people are smoking White Rhino e cigs for two specific reasons, to improve their health and to save money.

Long-term smokers find it difficult to suddenly give up smoking and health experts advise them to switch to White Rhino liquid which contains no nicotine or any trace of tobacco.

Ecigarettes and vaporizers also save smokers thousands of pounds a year which they previously spent on packets of tobacco cigarettes.

Buying a White Rhino kit is an investment as the only additional purchase is the White Rhino e juice or liquid cartridges.

Places where smoking is banned does not include e-cigs and employees no longer have to disappear from their desks to go outside for a cigarette break. That is why smoking White Rhino electronic cigarettes creates a healthier work place.

It is best to get your White Rhino products from an authorized dealer rather than from online auction sites as the products are not guaranteed by White Rhino if bought this way. Also some countries ban postal deliveries of electronic cigarettes so always check if they will be allowed into the country before you place an order.

Once you have switched to a White Rhino vaporizer you will never look back and you will want to try all the flavors. The vaporizers are attractive to look at and are available in various styles as well as colors. If smoking a cigarette gives you confidence the White Rhino products are definitely for you. Not only will you feel more self-assured you will also feel healthier and have more money in your pocket.

White Rhino stipulates you must be eighteen years or more to purchase their products and although they ship all over the world the package must be signed for by an adult to prevent their products falling into the hands of minors. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

White Rhino e juice comes in five different sizes ranging from 6mg to 24 mg and retails at $9.99. The Remix e juice is classed as premium as it has been remixed with the most exquisite extracts White Rhino can find. It is available in twelve different flavors and four strengths six, twelve eighteen mg and 30ml and sells for $21.99.


Summary of our review of White Rhino products

Electronic cigarettes are ideal for a majority of people especially White Rhino vape and there are little or no side effects. Very rarely you read in the newspapers stories of batteries exploding and burning the smoker’s lips or nose but this has never happened to any White Rhino products. Like everything there are pros and cons with electronic cigarettes but with White Rhino the pros outweigh the cons.



  • The primary thing is the health benefits of the White Rhino vaporizer
  • The e juice and e liquids contain no chemicals or tobacco-related products
  • You save money using them
  • No unpleasant smell or second-hand smoke
  • Your household furniture and curtains no longer smell of stale tobacco smoke
  • No more smelly clothes or hair and bad breath
  • The taste is incredible
  • Can be used anywhere even where a smoking ban exists


  • In some cases can cause dehydration so extra water should be drunk when smoking them
  • At present there is no regulation on e cigarettes but this is being debated and could be brought in in the future
  • Some places do not like e cigarettes being smoked so always check first inside public places and in the workplace

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