Ascent by DaVinci

The Las Vegas-based company DaVinci decided to take a different approach to the e cigarette industry from the start so they would stand out in the crowd and their gamble has paid off as they are now one of the most successful companies in this field.

Instead of marketing a DaVinci e cigarette that looks like all the others they decided to concentrate on vaporizers and have produced just two products .Customers who have purchased their vaporizers have rated the products very highly and given them the thumbs up.

DaVinci has now become one of the top contenders in the electronic cigarette market with the launch of its newest DaVinci vape. The company now has two unique models of their DaVinci electronic cigarette vaporizer on the market and the following DaVinci vape review looks at both of them.

It has been a long time coming but the new Ascent vaporizer has finally hit the market after one or two design problems which have now been rectified and is a premium product for their successful stable.


This slick looking DaVinci e cigarette vaporizer is very portable and small enough for any pocket or handbag. You can get it in a choice of three different colors

  • Burl wood (polished brown)
  • Croc skin
  • Stealth (black)

It has a soft touch rubberized plastic on the entire body of the vaporizer and in the center as well. At the base there is an attractive silver metallic grille similar to the grille at the front of a sporty-looking car and the port for the charger on the left-hand side.

People who have tried the Ascent say it is a pleasure to use it because it is so simple as it is operated by just one button. It also has an additional feature which is very useful because you can set the temperature to rise at various intervals.

The initial reaction to the price might be that it is expensive as t costs more than normal e cigarettes but in fact it is excellent value for money. You purchase a box for $250 which contains all of the following

  • The Ascent vaporizer
  • A wall charger
  • A carrying pouch with the DaVinci label
  • Two stirring tools (one in the vaporizer, the other in the box)
  • Two mouthpiece dust caps
  • Two oil canisters for concentrates
  • Two stems, one in the Ascent and the other in the box plus two glass screen stems


Benefits of the Ascent by DaVinci


  • The battery has a long life
  • It is the only glass on glass portable vaporizer
  • Unique temperature step-up feature
  • Automatic shut-off timer which is adaptable
  • You can still use the vaporizer whilst it is charging


The other vaporizer they sell is the smaller Davinci, which like the Ascent is designed to inhale vapour which has been infused with herbs or oils to create a feeling of peace and encourage energy in all those who use it.

DaVinci is now one of the leading manufacturers in this market but neither of these two look like a normal e cigarette, the DaVinci e cigs are very different. The Davinci is the smallest and looks like a walkie-talkie with the straw looking like an antenna.

The Davinci electronic cigarette vaporizer also comes in three different colors, green, grey or black and it is cheaper than the Ascent retailing at $199.99


In the Davinci kit you get

  1. Cleaning brush
  2. Wall adaptor
  3. Flexible straw
  4. Three large screens and six small ones
  5. Two oil cans for adding vaporizing oils
  6. Upper chamber cap


Both vaporizers come with a two year warranty and they vaporize any powder in essential oils so are dual purpose, they can be used for aromatherapy as well as an aid to cutting down smoking.

The only drawback to the Ascent and the Davinci vaporizer is ardent smokers who are trying to give up smoking may find the DaVinci electronic cigarette does not replicate smoking a normal cigarette and this may put them off.

But DaVinci really cares about its customers and they have an excellent customer care department who are happy to answer any questions from customers or prospective customers. They have always maintained a policy of treating every single customer as an individual and they have maintained this policy as long as they have been trading.

If anyone has any queries or complaints about the davinci e cigarettes they would like to hear about it.


Summary of our review of DaVinci

There are pros and cons of the DaVinci vaporizers but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. As both vaporizers are similar, although the Davinci is smaller and cheaper this review concentrates on the pros and cons of their newest and long-awaiting product the Ascent by DaVinci.


  • Very slick to look at
  • Easily portable
  • Small enough for any pocket or handbag
  • Lightweight
  • Colors suitable for both male and female
  • Soft touch rubberized plastic throughout
  • Attractive metallic grille at the base
  • Simple to use, operated by just one button
  • Unique temperature control adjustment button
  • Good value for money
  • The only glass on glass vaporizer
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Dual use, aromatherapy and an aid to stop smoking
  • Two-year warranty


  • Does not look like a normal e cigarette
  • Looks like a walkie talkie with an aerial
  • Ardent smokers may be put off as it does not replicate a normal tobacco cigarette

The Ascent should definitely be on your list of gifts to give or receive especially if you suffer from stress and tension which is normal in the busy world of today. The Ascent by DeVinci will help you to relax and give you more energy every time you inhale the vapor.
Do not be put off by the fact it does not look like an ordinary e-cigarette, be proud that you own one of the unique DaVinci e cigarettes and even though electronic cigarettes can be smoked where normal cigarettes are banned having one of a different shape may be useful. There are some places where e cigs are not welcome either as it is at the discretion of the landlord or employer.

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