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We look at the many brands of e-Cigarettes on the market and all of them provide a substitute for the normal cigarette that most people are smoking in the world today.

It is estimated that over 6,000 lives can be saved by switching from regular cigarettes to Vaping!

That number does not include the many additional individuals that can be saved from the health risks associated with second hand smoke as well.

Pets in the home also benefit from the use of e-Cigarettes as secondhand smoke, as thousands of pets are affected adversely by cigarette smoking.

https://best-e-cig.info/ keeps you abreast of the latest in the medical research being done to make Vaping/smoking a safer and healthier activity for you to enjoy now and in the future.

We follow the Congress and FDA that are attempting to control the Vaping industry and you will know as it happens what changes they are making to laws about the use of nicotine and Vaping in the public venue.

We travel the world of Vaping and know about all the players, products, and trends in the Vaping industry as they occur.

You now have the one place you can go to get the latest information on what’s hot, What the FDA is doing, new Vaping rules and regulations, and the latest products available for you.
An E-Cigarette in many cases resembles the normal cigarette that people have been smoking for over 100 years here in America. The major difference however any cigarette does not have the many toxic chemicals or carcinogenic compounds that are found in regular cigarettes. Instead, they utilize an atomizer that produces a vapor from what is called an E-Liquid or the E-Juice as it’s called in the business.

Vaping as it’s called is rapidly becoming the method of choice for those who enjoy smoking you want to avoid the social stigmatism and the unhealthy side effects such as emphysema, heart disease, and cancer.

In our reviews, we are going to review some of the top rated electronic cigarettes on the market and e-cig will choose the best e-Cigarette, based on customer satisfaction, throat hit (effect at the back of the throat), and variety of flavors. We are impartial and use empirical methods only in our reviews.

After you have finished reading our review, you will know which brand is the top rated electronic cigarette currently available on the market and a little bit more about the Vaping trend in smoking today.

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