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The idea of anything to do with smoking being environmentally friendly seems impossible, but Green Smart Living realized when they were developing their new electronic cigarettes this would be an ideal combination as so many people care about saving the planet these days, and their gamble has certainly paid off. They actively market their product as being eco-friendly, even the packaging they are sent out in is made from recycled cardboard.

Green Smart Living electronic cigarettes may not be the best electronic cigarette on the market, but they are certainly the most environmentally friendly e-cig around. They are fast gaining popularity for this very reason and Green Smart Living actually market this as the most important thing about their brand and how people who puff on them will live a much healthier lifestyle whilst actively helping the environment. If you are wondering why you should choose them read the Green Smart Living electronic cigarette reviews, particularly the one below and you will find out why they literally are “green” and help to save the planet.

You cannot mistake the brand with their distinctive green and white packaging as it stands out from the crowd. Green Smart Living put a lot of work into producing a new totally environmentally friendly analogue cigarette, and with everyone worried about global warming and the ozone layer they have very quickly built up a large and loyal customer base.

They only offer two strengths of nicotine for tobacco smokers trying to give up smoking, 18mg for heavy smokers and 6mg for light smokers. What is more the nicotine used in the cartridges follows the “green” image by being one hundred per cent natural as it comes from non tobacco plant sources. The nicotine they use comes from things like tomatoes and potatoes and other sustainable plants.

Vapor lovers will not be disappointed because the vapors are quite thick and hit the throat with the first puff. The battery will last a long time before you have to recharge it as well and although the starter kit may seem a bit pricey at $22.95 you can often pick up a Green Smart Living Coupon which will cut the price by 50%. These coupons apply to both the starter kits and the cartridge refills which retail at $13.95 for a pack of five. To get the discount all you have to do is insert the Green Smart Living Coupon Code when placing an order.

What you get for your money.

The Super E-Cigarette Starter Kit contains

. One Green Smart Living e-cigarette rechargeable battery

. Two Green Smart Living e-cigarette cartridges

. One USB charge adaptor

What is good about these kits is the battery comes fully charged so you can begin to vapour straight away without waiting impatiently for the battery to charge before you can start puffing. The e-cigarettes are very realistic and look like normal cigarettes but you can smoke them in areas where smoking normal cigarettes are banned. Refills are available in both regular and menthol flavors.

A Variety of Flavors

As well as nicotine there are many flavors to choose from, these include

. Coffee

. Vanilla

. Peach

. Cherry

. Acai Berry

. Tobacco

If you compare this Green Smart Living Review to other e cigarette reviews you will actually see how you are helping the environment by vaping this brand.

Why Green Smart Living e cigarettes are good for the planet

. 84,000 tons of pollution are released into the atmosphere every single year by smoking tobacco cigarettes

. Cigarette butts case the most litter throughout the world

. Discarded cigarettes can harm and even kill birds and wildlife

. One tobacco cigarette contains enough chemicals to kill a fish living in one litre of water

. The nicotine used in Green Smart Living refills comes from sustainably grown plant sources

. All the Green Living e cigarettes are rechargeable

. They are also recyclable unlike disposable e cigarettes

. Customers are asked to save their used cartridges and send them back to Green Smart Living for recycling

. Those customers who do this receive a discount on their next purchase as a thank-you

Each refill lasts up to three hundred puffs which equates to one pack of regular cigarettes and when the battery needs recharging the light blinks three times so you always get a warning. The refill cartridges are carefully manufactured to give a smooth and satisfying flavour and the atomizer/cartridge combination gives a consistent and even flavour and greater vapor volume.

In some brands of electronic cigarettes the mouthpiece tens to go a bit soggy with use, but with Green Smart Living the mouthpiece is smooth and solid which ensures there is no chance of a leakage.

Green Smart Living is a company that believes in putting its money where its mouth is. They donate one per cent of every single sale to charitable organizations including the American Lung Association to improve their quality of life.

Pros and Cons of Green Smart Living electronic cigarettes


. Eco friendly business model

. Best price for exceptional quality

. Very simple to use

. Green Smart Living donates one per cent of every sale to green charities

. Long battery life

. Strong mouthpiece

. Starter kit is reasonably priced

. Green Smart Living discount coupons and coupon codes readily available

. Simple and easy to order from around the world

. Cartridges are recyclable

. Customers who return used cartridges to the company for recycling receive a discount on next order

. Voted number one “green” cigarette in the United States of America

. Only natural nicotine used in cartridge refills

. No toxins to inhale and no passive smoke for bystanders

. No danger of smokers contracting lung cancer or emphysema from these e-cigarettes


. Only two levels of nicotine available, no middle range between 6mg and 18mg and nothing between 0mg and 6mg.

. Starter kit is designed for beginners to e-cigarettes so Green Smart Living offers limited choice for advanced smokers.

. Replacement cartridges are expensive compared to other brands $13.95 for a pack of five


Green Smart Living does not market environmentally friendly electronic cigarettes as a publicity stunt, they actually believe in saving the planet. For every sale they make they donate one per cent to charities such as the American Lung Foundation which helps to improve people’s health and well being.

One per cent may not sound a lot but when you learn that Green Smart Living e cigs are the number one eco friendly electronic cigarettes in America alone the percentage of money paid soon mounts up.

They look like normal cigarettes which is what smokers want when they are trying to give up tobacco and the two nicotine levels containing pure natural nicotine is designed to meet their initial cravings. Some criticisms have been made about the fact there are only two levels and there is nothing between 0 and 6mg and 6mg and 18mg. But if you read the feedback from customers several have found Green Smart Living has helped them give up by just using the 6mg strength.

There is nothing more infuriating than enjoying your vapor and the battery suddenly runs out. This does not happen with Green Smart Living as the battery lasts well and when it needs recharging the green light starts blinking. To totally recharge a battery takes just two hours so you will not be deprived of too much puffing time.

There are a lot of different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, but isn’t it better to select one that not only helps to save the planet but you also know a percentage of your money has gone to a worthy cause.

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