If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to expand your business, then a digital marketing book should be one of your first purchases. Keeping on top of the industry and ensuring that you’re using the most cost-efficient digital marketing tactics comes with staying consistent and being relevant, and these 40 digital marketing guides are certain to kick-start an incredible career or even refuel an already established one! However, choosing which digital marketing guide to buy can seem a little overwhelming, particularly since there are so many of them available right now on the internet. So how can you know what digital marketing book is the right one for you?

One of the biggest mistakes that new digital marketing book authors make is buying the first guide that they see without paying for it first. This is a huge mistake and could actually lead to spending more money than you need to. In fact, some people end up spending more on digital marketing book guides that didn’t really help their business at all! This kind of mistake will cost you more in the long run, so be very careful when searching for an e-book to help boost your online business.

Many digital marketing book authors like to brag about the money they make from selling their e-books. While it is certainly possible for them to do this, it is also true that some of them don’t make any money at all. Why is this? It’s because there are many digital marketing mistakes that they make that are almost guaranteed to kill any chance of your e-book becoming profitable. For example, many digital marketers fail to make sure that they’re offering a legitimate product that’s honest. They often sell e-books that are not even useful to their audience and are filled with bad information that will make no real person want to buy their product.

The other biggest digital marketing book mistake that digital marketers make is using a “business model” that’s too vague to be effective. If you don’t define what your business model is, you’re leaving yourself open to being rejected by your market. One of the best digital marketing book examples of this is the Niche Business Model by Chris Freville. This guide defines exactly what a digital marketing business model should look like and why it’s important to create one before you start building your business. You might take a look at his advice and think that you don’t need one, but chances are that you could benefit greatly from it once you start building your business.

One digital marketing book mistake that many digital marketers commit is making their e-books available to their target market without providing a clear-cut road map to get them there. Chris Freville’s Niche Business Model shows you how to create a highly defined path that leads readers from simply browsing your site to actually contacting you to buying your products. As an example, the guide explains that you shouldn’t simply provide your readers with a download link for your e-book. You should also provide them with a detailed instruction and checklist on how to use the product. This is where most digital marketing book examples fail. They provide the reader with the means to download the e-book, but they leave out any requirement to actually read it and act upon it.

The last digital marketing book mistake that many digital marketing career seekers make is waiting until after they have created their internet marketing business to write a solid book that’s packed full of quality content. You shouldn’t wait until your site is getting popular before you start writing a book that can help your readers. Most people are looking to you to help them get started in internet marketing right now. Therefore, you have to be able to offer them everything that they need to get started with no problem at all. You can’t wait until they come to you asking for help; by then it’s too late to be writing good quality content.

There are two other digital marketing book examples that you should absolutely consider using when starting your online business right away. These are Michael Allen’s The Fat Loss Factor and Nicco’s The Niche Marketer’s Formula. Both books provide very good information about affiliate marketing, email marketing, digital marketing career paths, and best ways to monetize your website. However, what sets them apart from the others is that each of them focuses on completely different aspects of the online business world. Each one also has dozens of daily digital marketing book samples that you can use to practice what you have learned. This way you can ensure that you are implementing the strategies and tactics that will be most helpful to you.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing book for your upcoming book, it is pretty clear that you want to learn how you can create a passive income from home using an online business model that you have already created yourself. This is a popular idea and is the subject matter of a number of different digital marketing book examples that you can find online. Most of these guides provide in-depth information about affiliate marketing, email marketing, the best ways to monetize your website, and much more. No matter what digital marketing book that you choose to read, there is no doubt that you will gain valuable insights about what it takes to create a passive income from home using an online business model that you’ve already created yourself.

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