Proxy servers are computer servers which proxy Internet data through a series of servers to give access to the sites you visit anonymously. There are many kinds of proxy servers, some are commercial services, some are open source, and some are dedicated to proxy servers only. A proxy server connects your computer to the rest of the world’s web anonymously by passing through many servers which make your request to appear as if it came from the site you have visited. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with this kind of browsing.


It is useful when you have a home computer and want to browse the Internet without exposing your identity or location to anyone on the internet. You can hide your IP address or vary it with proxy servers. When you use proxy servers, you have the ability to browse any site in the Internet and see what you want without revealing any information about yourself. Using these services you will be able to surf anonymously but it comes at a cost. While surfing anonymously you will be unable to visit sites that have porn or gambling content.

This method works well when you are using common web applications like Google and Yahoo. These applications do not forward their traffic to their servers. This results in them not knowing your original IP address. This method works best for anonymous Internet traffic which cannot be traced back to an IP address. There are also cases where your proxy server may actually host malicious content on their server and not protect you from being attacked by hackers.

Another advantage of anonymous proxies is to protect your online privacy. The aim is to hide your actual IP address so everyone cannot track you down. This keeps your identity safe from prying eyes and protects your online privacy. There are many ways to hide your IP address such as using a Virtual Private Network, anonymous proxy, and IP changing software.

A Virtual Private Network is a type of tunneling program that creates an entirely new connection to the internet that does not depend on any specific type of IP address. All traffic between you and the server is encrypted and protected. There are several advantages of using VPN like it makes your activity visible to others only if they have the VPN logon. All outgoing traffic is sent through this secure tunnel. You can use VPN to protect your privacy while on the internet by hiding your real IP address. This works especially well in public network or WANs.

IP changing software is another way how proxy servers work. This software allows you to create another virtual network of your own with the help of another IP address. All the activities conducted through this proxy server work just like it would if you were using your own private network. The only difference is that instead of giving out your real IP address, your activities are disguised as anonymous proxies. It also prevents your IP from being tracked.

There are many other ways through which proxies can be used. It is important to keep in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks associated with each of them. For instance, some of these proxy servers may require you to share information about yourself. They could also track your activity. It is therefore important to carefully choose a service that provides anonymous browsing.

The way how proxy servers work has a lot of benefits and disadvantages associated with them. Some of these disadvantages include lack of security, tracking and IP changing. It is therefore necessary to weigh pros and cons before choosing one for your use. It is always best to go for the services that offer anonymous browsing because the data you are asking to hide is kept confidential. Hiding your real IP address prevents hacking and monitoring and you can enjoy greater security while you surf the internet.

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