You’ve decided to quit smoking and you’re looking for the safest way to do it. What’s the safest way to quit smoking?

The safest way to quit smoking is the “cold turkey” method. This is when you go cold turkey and quit smoking on your own. This can be dangerous. However, if you follow these tips for a safer “cold turkey” way to quit smoking, you can be reasonably sure that you will quit for good.

First, I recommend getting support. Talk to your friends and family and tell them you are trying to quit. Your friends and family can help you tremendously in this area, but they can also be tough critics, especially when you start smoking again.

Take care of yourself as you quit smoking. This means eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, etc.

Nicotine replacement therapy works well for people who don’t want to smoke. It’s a non-addictive drug that gives you a steady stream of nicotine. It comes in pill form, a patch, or a lozenge, and it can give you the same amount of nicotine as smoking one cigarette does.

Gum can be dangerous if you use too much of it. Too much gum may make you feel dizzy, confused, and nauseous. Too little gum may make you loose all your teeth!

Make sure you only smoke when you really have to. Plan ahead so that when you do need to smoke, you have a plan for when you can have some smoke.

Get a “smoke alarm” which emits a blue light when you have to light up a cigarette. You can buy a unit at any hardware store or pharmacy. It will show up on your mobile phone or you can program it into your computer system.

Plan an early warning system for when you start smoking again. Buy a calendar on your computer and create a schedule of times you can light up safely.

Stop taking tobacco products. This will decrease the amount of nicotine you get. Take a medicine that will lower your cravings for nicotine.

Stay away from places where smoking is not allowed. These include restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs.

If you stick with these tips, you can quit smoking for good, but if you break the rules, the money can’t come back and you’ll end up with a habit that costs a lot more money. I recommend you try the “safest” way for you and make the best decisions for your health.

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