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Whether you are wondering where to buy e cigs or what the best electronic cigarette is; we have you covered. We have bought and tested the best e cigarette brands as well as the worst to give you the real electronic cigarette reviews that are not sponsored. We have evaluated all of the top e cig brands and are here to help guide you with the best electronic cigarette reviews. These are not the fake paid reviews that show you where to buy electronic cigarettes from a paid sponsor. Read through our e cigarette reviews and see which of the electronic cigarette brands that is on the market is right for you. Every one of the products that we decide to review, we test it thoroughly to make sure we provide the most complete and accurate review of the product. Whenever we are doing a review of a company, we go through every aspect of the customer experience. Often times, we may review both at the same time to provide the most complete and accurate review of the company and their products.


If you are new to ecigs or just looking for more information on them; we are your source for honest e cig reviews about e cigarette brands and products. We know that sorting through all of the different products available by the large amount of different vendors can not only be time consuming, it can also be financially draining! So instead of wasting your time and money, read some reviews and do your due diligence as a buyer. In our e cig reviews, you will learn about how the company does business and how transparent they are to their customers. You will learn about their e-liquid and e liquid batches as well. Some companies make their test results from each e-liquid batch available and open to the public to view at their leisure, while others do not make this information available at all as well as will sometimes send out bad batches and leave their customers with the bill. These kinds of practices go a long way to show how some companies are trying to differentiate themselves from other companies as well as set a higher standard in the market. All of this information is found in our ecigarette reviews to find the top rated e cigs and their vendors in the marketplace today.


What are electronic cigarettes and why should I use them?


Electronic cigarettes or ecigs are a vaporizer that is battery powered; they produce aerosol and simulate tobacco smoking without the negative health effects that occur with actual tobacco use. Electronic cigarettes contain an atomizer which helps to heat the liquid solution which is typically referred to as e-liquid. A common myth is that ecigs contain tobacco, but rest assured they do not have any tobacco in them whatsoever. In fact, countless tobacco smokers have successfully stopped smoking due to e-cigarettes. They now enjoy the benefits of not smoking tobacco while being able to continue to enjoy the pleasure that comes from vaping. This move from tobacco users to non-tobacco users has incited the big tobacco industry to lobby against the small electronic cigarette industry. As big tobacco continues to lose customers and market share to the smaller electronic cigarette companies, they continue to throw millions of dollars at their lobbyists to advance their agendas for the regulation of electronic cigarettes. The reason they are seeking to have the FDA regulate ecigarettes is their goal is to stagnant the emerging and exponentially growing e-cig market. The planned regulation also has a goal of making entry for new businesses hard or next to impossible; they hope this will cause the market to topple over.


In spite of a lot of misinformation and negativity, some scientists have recently estimated that a minimum of over six thousand lives a year can be saved from tobacco smokers switching to e cigarettes. That does not even take into account the reduction of second hand smoke exposure! The benefits of electronic cigarettes are not only great for tobacco users, but non-tobacco users stand to benefit as well. Over 2.5 million nonsmokers have died from the second-hand smoke of tobacco use since 1964. Tobacco is known as a leading preventable cause of death, with over 480,000 people a year perishing from tobacco use or exposure to second hand smoke from tobacco. You will hear and see countless stories about people quitting tobacco thanks to electronic cigarettes, but you do not hear stories about people quitting electronic cigarettes for tobacco. The point is that electronic cigarettes can and do save lives every day by being used in replace of tobacco and that goes for tobacco and non-tobacco users.


Another great benefit of electronic cigarettes over tobacco is you no longer have that cigarette or ashtray smell on your clothing. That is also an upside for non-tobacco users who are constantly exposed to the smell of burning cigarettes. Think of the bars and comedy clubs that are packed with tobacco smoke and the large amount of exposure to second hand smoke every day. Now imagine those same places with electronic cigarettes, you can breathe and see clearly!



What is the best e cig brand?


With e cigarette brands entering the marketplace from around the world, it is hard to know where to buy electronic cigarettes or what the best disposable e cig is that is available on the marketplace today. While people have their favorite brands and specific reasons for recommending a certain brand, http://best-e-cig.info/ remains impartial to all brands. That means our reviews are not sold to the highest bidder nor do we sponsor our reviews out to companies that is not an ethical review practice for us to engage in. Our goal is to give accurate and thorough reviews that help you make an informed decision before you decide to purchase the actual product.

Even though the majority of e-cig vendors are reputable and do good business, too often are we stuck with buyer’s remorse when we purchase something online or even at a store. The problem is a lot of electronic cigarette companies do not offer returns or they have very specific and certain guidelines for returns. For example, some companies may not allow you to return starter kits, or they may allow you to return them, but only if they are unopened. Now ask yourself, who is going to order a starter kit and received it, then before opening it say, no I think I want to return this. The fact of the matter is, most returns will happen after the product has been opened or tried, however a lot of vendors only allow certain returns or stipulate policies to make returns of certain products impossible. This is where http://best-e-cig.info/ comes in. We have done the research, spent the money, and dealt with the good and bad of electronic cigarette vendors. We now are able to give the power back to the consumer with our real and honest ecigarette reviews about companies and their products! We also have found the best electronic cigarettes for you as well as the top vendors where you can buy electronic cigarettes online without hassle, safely and securely!


Where can I buy e cigarettes?


Whether it is the well-known brands like Halo or V2, or less known newer brands competing for a spot to be the best electronic cigarette on the market there are countless vendors to buy from and at a lot of different price points. This can make finding and buying the best e cigarette online almost impossible, because you cannot physically see or hold the product, you can only trust the word of the vendor; a lot of times you will not know what you are getting until you receive it. This is what makes a real honest electronic cigarette review so important. So that you are aware and can know when they are paid or a sponsored review promoting the “best e cig” or the “best electronic cigarette” as we often see splattered about the internet. http://best-e-cig.info/ is 100% dedicated to honest reviews about best e cigs and the worst e cigs. If you are a company that finds yourself in the latter category, don’t take offense, just improve and do better as a business. The number one priority of any business should be customer satisfaction and that is the perfect area for all businesses to take a good look at and try to improve on even if you are at the top. If your customers are satisfied, then you know you have a good product.


If you are looking to find the best e cigarette of 2014 or the best e cigarette brand take a look at our electronic cigarettes reviews to find out what is the best electronic cigarette for your individual needs. In our e cig reviews we cover all of the ins and outs and you will not only learn if a particular product is recommended for first time users, but also if something else may suit your style better. For example, if we review a particular company, rest assured you will learn all about how they do business in every aspect that we can cover. This includes their customer support, shipping times, return policies, and product quality, every single part of the customer experience is reviewed by us. So even if you are an experienced user trying to find the best electronic cigarette brand and the best e cigarette on the market, we have you covered with our knowledgeable and informative e-cig reviews. By reading our reviews you will learn about what is the best e cigarette to buy as well, how the product works, what comes with it (if it’s a starter kit), the different flavors and how they taste, as well as the overall experience that comes with vaping when using that particular product. We also will review the ins and outs of cartridges and disposable cartridges. On top of that in our reviews you will also learn about all of the various flavors that are available. Some vendors carry over 15 different flavors, someone needs to review them honestly and why not us? We will review all of the flavors, how they perform, and let you know our top picks.

The Best Ecigs

What are the best e cigs in the marketplace today?


In our top rated best e cig 2014 review, we go over the best e cigarettes of the year and answer the question which is the best electronic cigarette on the market at this current time? The best electronic cig not only needs to perform well, but it needs to be user friendly in every aspect. Not everyone is familiar with manual batteries and how to use them right away, so when it comes to finding the best e cig vaporizer out there you need to keep in mind every feature and benefit of the product. This also includes the appearance, the best ecig will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it will have a unique appearance that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The best electronic cigarette is not only a great product, it is easy to find and buy whether that is online or in a retail store. The company is easy to deal with and they make a high quality product they stand behind with good customer support. We take a lot into account when we write our reviews, and it takes a lot to be the best ecigarette on the marketplace, it is no easy feat nor is our review ever sold or sponsored to the highest bidder.


So if you are looking for honest and the best e cigarette reviews and tired of wondering where can I buy e cigarettes; read our ecig reviews and learn what the best e cigs are today! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, it’s free and packed with tips to help you navigate through the sea of e-cigarette vendors!

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