The Use of ‘ECig’ in Cigarette Advertising Will Disrupt the Industry

People smoke their first ecig at the age of 14. This is not a phenomenon that can be explained by ‘waking up one day and deciding to light up a cigarette.’ There are many causal factors behind this phenomenon, but the bottom line is that this is a fact.

People that have never tried ecigs, do not even know what they are or how they operate. Those that are experts in this field have already made a name for themselves.

The biggest challenge that faces this industry is the rising number of companies that offer ecig brands and free electronic cigarette cartridges at no cost. This comes as no surprise to the manufacturers of these products because they have known this for quite some time.

Companies that offer this type of service make millions of dollars a year. They also seem to spend very little money on advertising or marketing to these companies. They are not necessarily sending mass e-mails or posting on Facebook, but they are still using other similar methods to sell to the masses.

The ECig smoker that does not fully understand how the devices work, does not understand the mechanisms behind them, and has yet to buy any ecig brand is just another stumbling block for a company to take advantage of. The lack of knowledge and understanding about the products in question are what leads to the marketing tactic of little or no expense spent on advertising.

It seems that every manufacturer tries to launch a new product on the market. They figure that if they launch it in conjunction with another company’s product, the name recognition from the second company’s product will help boost the name recognition of the first company’s product.

This is where the problem begins, because of the repetition of the name ‘ecig’ in the entire industry. If the product is known as an ecig, then all other terms will need to be changed to conform to the new name. If a product is simply called an ecig, then it cannot be sold as an ecig.

The way that this can be used by the manufacturers of the products to gain more sales is via the large amounts of money that can be spent on advertising. Since the products are only known as ecigs and need to be given a new name, all advertising is going to have to be rebranded to fit into the new branding scheme. It is a major headache for the manufacturers.

It is up to the consumers online to stop this and find an alternative that will allow the consumer to easily search out the products that are best for them. Not every site out there offers this ability, so finding one should be a major priority for all the potential customers out there.

The purchase of an ecig is going to help someone quit smoking, so why not use this opportunity to buy the products that are selling the best? There are a large number of products out there that will benefit the ecig smoker and only a few that will not.

There are those that give little to no benefit to the ecig smoker, so if this is what they recommend they will probably not be a good choice. It is important that the ecig buyer makes their decision based on knowledge, results, and comparative effectiveness.

Based on all of the available information, the only way to know if a product will help you quit smoking is to try it. You can spend hundreds of dollars on every quit smoking product that you come across, but if you are going to use ecigs to help you, then you will need to give it a try.

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